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MicroStrategy REST API Playground

What is the playground?

MicroStrategy REST API Playground is a place you can see live demos of our REST API, API specifications, and code examples. You can also play with it without writing a single line of code.

This GitHub Page provides the instructions for you to set up and start to use it. You can access the playground at If you are not familiar Postman interface, be sure to check out the documentation on Postman's learning center.

There are two collections in the workspace:

  • MicroStrategy REST API: Use it as API Documentation. It contains examples and built-in scripts to save the context information after some requests, such as authToken, userId.
  • MicroStrategy REST API Workflows: It contains workflow examples. You can pick a folder and run all the requests.

You need to pick an environment to run the requests. There are two environments shipped:

  • It contains the connection information to the demo environment. A guest user only has limited assess to the environment, hence not all requests will pass.
  • A template for cloud environment. You can make a copy and change the connection information.

Other useful information

How to contribute?

You can be a part of the playground project in the following ways.

  • Reporting issues in Github / Issues.
  • Sending feedback and questions in Github / Discussions.
  • Fixing bugs in Postman scripts or adding new workflows using Postman's Pull Request feature.