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Embed MicroStrategy bot consumption page

The Embedding SDK allows you to quickly integrate a MicroStrategy bot consumption page into a web application in a responsive manner.

There are three basic steps for embedding a MicroStrategy bot consumption page.

  1. In the initial page of your web application, add a link to the MicroStrategy JavaScript Embedding SDK.

    <script src="{YOUR_LIBRARY_SERVER_URL}/javascript/embeddinglib.js"></script>

    Replace {YOUR_LIBRARY_SERVER_URL} with your actual MicroStrategy Library Server URL, e.g.,

  2. Create a <div> as the placeholder where you want to embed the bot consumption page.

    <div id="container"></div>
  3. Call the microstrategy.embeddingContexts.embedBotConsumptionPage(props) method to embed the bot consumption page in the container.

    serverUrl: "{YOUR_LIBRARY_SERVER_URL}",
    projectId: "{YOUR_PROJECT_ID}",
    objectId: "{YOUR_OBJECT_ID}",
    placeholder: document.getElementById("container"),

To help you get started, we have provided a number of simple applications with sample code and explanations.