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Embedding SDK Playground

MicroStrategy’s Embedding SDK Playground is the one-stop shop for developers to build impactful, interactive analytics experiences that integrate seamlessly with websites and applications.

Just use the intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces to define the perfect user experience, test it out in real time, and then let the platform automatically generate the code for you. You’ll turn your application into platform for Intelligence Everywhere in no time.

Start building your application using the Embedding SDK Playground. The Playground User Manual provides the instructions for how to get started.

Embedding SDK Playground

Examples in playground

You can view examples in the Embedding SDK Playground by opening the Examples Gallery from "Start Over" button. Please save your work before opening an example.

Here are some examples in the gallery so far.

ExampleUse Case
Simple Dossier ExampleHow to embed a dossier.
Minimal TemplateA template for the least amount code needed to embed a dossier.
Responsive HeightJavaScript code to make the height responsive.
Dossier in Full ScreenHow to show embedded dossier in full screen.
Inter-dossier interactionInteraction between embedded dossier. One dossier filters another.
FiltersVarious examples to show how to use filter-related API. It covers attribute selector filter, attribute search, attribute slider, calendar, metric qualification filters, etc.
Page NavigationHow to use page navigation API.
Single VisualizationHow to embed a single visualization.
AuthoringHow to embed dossier in authoring mode.
Standard AuthenticationHow to implement standard authentication.
Export to Excel or PDFHow to export dossier to excel or PDF.
PromptsVarious examples to show how to answer prompts.
Interact with Panel StacksHow to use panel-related API.