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Manage incremental refresh reports

Available since 2021 Update 6


You can try these workflows with REST API Playground.

Learn more about MicroStrategy REST API Playground here.

Starting in MicroStrategy 2021 Update 6, you can use REST API requests retrieve, create, and update the Incremental Refresh Report (IRR) objects through the Modeling service.

Important fields

This section outlines the important fields in the API response body defined for an Incremental Refresh Report.


Stores the basic information for the Incremental Refresh Report including dateCreated, dateModified, versionId, primaryLocale, objectId, subType, and name.

For Incremental Refresh Report, subType is report_increment_refresh.


Stores the objectId, subType, and name for the target cube that the Incremental Refresh Report is built on. This is required when creating a new Incremental Refresh Report.

For target cube, subType is report_cube.


Specifies the incremental type for an Incremental Refresh Report, which can only be filter and report.


Specifies the refresh type for an Incremental Refresh Report, which can only be update, insert, delete, update_only, and replace.

The replace refreshType is only supported for the incrementType filter of the Incremental Refresh Report.


Stores the information for the filter used in the Incremental Refresh Report, which has the same structure as a filter object.

An Incremental Refresh Report filter is presented in the following formats:

  • text: A human readable, but non-parsable text, describing a filter's qualification.
  • tree: A tree data structure fully defining the filter's qualification.
  • tokens: A list of parsed tokens that define a filter's qualification. Note that generating tokens requires additional time.

If showFilterTokens is omitted or false, only text and tree formats are returned.

If showFilterTokens is true, all text, tree, and tokens formats are returned.


Stores the information of the template used in the Incremental Refresh Report, which includes rows, columns and pageBy.

If the incrementType of the Incremental Refresh Report is filter, it’s not allowed to modify the template.

For more information about the Modeling service, see Configuring the Modeling Service.