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What's new in the Embedding SDK

In each release, changes are made to make the MicroStrategy SDK more powerful and easier to use.

2021 Update 11(September 2023)

2021 Update 9 (May 2023)

Native Embedding SDK

  • You can use the Native Embedding SDK to embed visualizations from separate containers to improve performance.
  • Users can interact with the embedded visualization.
  • Users can use APIs to perform manipulations such as filtering.

2021 Update 8 (February 2023)

Embed MicroStrategy report page.

  • Users can embed MicroStrategy report consumption page.
  • Users can control the visibility of the navigation bar of the report consumption page.

2021 Update 8

2021 Update 7

Embed MicroStrategy Library home page.

  • Users can embed MicroStrategy Library home page and use any child page accessed from the sidebar.
  • Users can control the visibility of the navigation bar and the sidebar of the library home page.

2021 Update 4

2021 Update 3

2021 Update 2


2020 Update 3

Error handling.

2020 Update 2

A new method to remove an embedded dossier.


A new property, dossierFeature, allows you to customize dossier features on the UI. Use the readOnly detailed property to enable or disable all context menus. This includes the visualization right-click context menu and the context menu on the top right of the visualization that includes such options as Export.



The Embedding SDK was introduced in 10.9.

  • This new SDK was added to the MicroStrategy Developer Library to support embedding MicroStrategy content in third-party web applications or portals.